Multi-user and site licenses

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Your A86 registration fee of $52 for A86 only, $82 for A86+D86+A386+D386, allows you to use the product(s) on a single computer. If you wish to run the product(s) on more than one computer, you pay according to the following schedule:

Number of Computers       A86 only      A86+D86+A386+D386
-------------------       --------      -----------------
          1               $  52             $  82
          2                  87               147
          3                 122               202
          4                 152               257
          5                 182               312
          6                 212               367

All prices are in US dollars. For delivery outside North America, add extra postage costs to all prices: $2 per diskette mailed, $5 per printed manual mailed. Click here for my address.

For each subsequent computer, add $25 for A86 only, $45 for A86+D86+A386+D386. All the above quoted prices include a single update diskette. You use the diskette to make an appropriate number of copies as needed.

Note that to qualify for the above rates, the registration must be in a single name. Thus, the above is not a "group rate", it covers the single-owner, multi- computer situation ONLY.

Site Licenses

Instead of paying according to the above schedule, you may elect to purchase a site-license. A site-license allows you to execute the product(s) on an unlimited number of your computers at a given site. A "site" for the purposes of the license is defined as all properties owned by you that are in the same city as, or within a five-mile radius of, the location you specify with your site-license registration.

A site-license for A86 only is $412. A site-license for A86+D86+A386+D386 is $712. Again, for a site license, all computers must be owned by the registrant.

Educational Institutions

If you are using A86/D86 to teach a course, you must obtain rights as follows:

1. The computers in the classroom or laboratory, owned by the educational institution, should be registered. The institution may obtain either a site-license, or pay according to the multi-computer chart; whichever is the lesser amount. The institution needs to register its computers only once to allow usage of the product(s) on its computers forever.

2. If students will be expected to execute my programs in their own computers, then they should buy a copy of my printed manual. The student version of the manual gives one student the license to execute A86 and D86 on any computer for the duration of the course. There is a certificate in the manual, good for $25 towards upgrading to a full registration. If any student wishes to distribute or market programs written with A86, or to use the packages after the course is finished, then the student should use the certificate to make the upgrade. The price of the student version of the printed manual is $35 per copy. If 10 or more copies are ordered, the price is $30 per copy. These books are typically ordered by the college bookstore, which can mark the price up by an appropriate percentage.

The student manual does not come with a copy of the software -- the course instructor must obtain a registered copy via the school's license, and may give out that registered version to all students who purchase a the student version of the manual.

The license given in the student manual is non-transferable; thus, the manual MAY NOT be sold as a "used book".

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